Welcome to your brand new Government school, which opened in 2021, central to the St Andrews estate. We are excited to be working positively with families and community members, collaboratively creating the best possible learning climate for our children. We believe that our distinctive school is the heart of the community, creating a central hub with a common goal – ensuring the best for our children!

High academic and behavioural expectations, along with solid pastoral care, supports our belief for providing a learning environment where students and staff strive to exceed expectations. At Yanchep Rise Primary School, families see modern and effective teaching practices that are well supported by a strong research base. The school tone is established on the preface that students are at the centre of everything we do, whilst ensuring collaboration with the community.

I am immensely proud and honoured to be the founding Principal. I am eager to work in partnership with families to create a positive environment that promotes these high expectations and support students to connect with each other and their community, so they can succeed and thrive. Opening a new school is exciting and sharing that journey with families is extremely important to the success of our students.

Through high quality teaching in a safe and supportive environment, with strong community partnerships, we will aim to develop each child’s unique individual qualities.

I invite you and your children to be part of our exciting journey. 

Helen Demiris


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