At Yanchep Rise Primary School we aim to foster a culture of high expectations, one in which students strive to achieve their best. Three factors are core in achieving this:

  • Students are kind, respectful and inspired learners.
  • Staff are dedicated and exceptional practitioners.
  • Parents are positive, collaborative and committed to children’s learning.

Encouraging curiosity, developing independent learning skills and establishing a strong foundation in Literacy and Numeracy are at the core of our teaching and learning. While the classroom teacher will teach most subjects, students receive specialist teaching in Auslan, Music and Physical Education. Digital Technology is integrated into many classroom activities, providing children with opportunities to be producers, not just users, of technology.

Rise up and achieve excellence together

At Yanchep Rise Primary School we will foster our school values of Respect, Integrity, Safety, Excellence and Resilience by providing students with:

  • A stimulating and rich learning environment that challenges them to do their best.
  • A high quality and professional teaching staff that use research, evidence based strategies and resources to deliver the curriculum.
  • Meaningful assessment, which informs teaching and learning to help set targets and goals.
  • Differentiated curriculum that is delivered through intentional teaching and meets educational needs.
  • Effective partnerships that support collaboration with peers, staff, family and the wider community.
  • Specialist teaching in a Language, Music and Physical Education.
  • Integration of digital technology across all curriculum areas (supported by a BYOD program for Years 4-6 in the future).

A supportive and nurturing environment

Our children’s welfare is of paramount importance and our warm and friendly staff aim to provide a supportive, nurturing and caring environment.

Our goal is to help our young people reach their individual potential and to develop the competencies they will need for further schooling, study, work and lifelong learning. This ensures they will be equipped to participate fully in and contribute to our local and global society. The safety and wellbeing of each student is of utmost importance to us. We aim to develop good citizens who are respectful, responsible and caring. We foster high expectations of academic and personal growth for learners. We endeavour to develop students’ confidence, resilience, persistence, organisation and getting along skills to build a positive mind-set, as well as encouraging students to set goals and targets for their learning.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Provide all students with a supportive, nurturing and caring environment.
  • Implement evidence based programs to develop social and emotional skills.
  • Place a high priority on student and staff well-being with processes in place to support professional, academic, social, and emotional learning.
  • Provide clear direction for communication between parents and school.
  • Provide teaching and learning opportunities, which celebrates difference and responds to diversity.
  • Instil the qualities of leadership in students through a student leadership team.
  • Develop and promote the values of Yanchep Rise Primary School throughout the school and community.

Our school dog, Coco

Coco is a Labradoodle who has been part of a school community since she was 12 weeks old. Coco has been an incredible asset to the classroom, calming the class to a point where daily learning is noticeably more settled.

The presence of a school dog in a school setting has also been linked to improvements in school attendance, student confidence levels and increased motivation to participate in learning activities. School dogs are ideal for all students, particularly students who may require:

  • Assistance in coping with the demands of daily school life.
  • Support from a traumatic experience.
  • Help coping with a health problem or mental disorder (such as a developmental delay, emotional and/or behavioural disorder, high anxiety levels, Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Coco is an asset to our Student Services team at Yanchep Rise Primary School.

Language – Auslan

Auslan is a widely used communication tool that will enable the students of Yanchep Rise Primary School to be immersed in a second language that is becoming more prevalent in our society. It aligns to our school endeavour to support our diversity and inclusivity.  Auslan is a sign language, taught in a manner that offers our students basic skills in communicating with deaf people in the community. In our practical and fun classes they will learn how to fingerspell, develop a vocabulary of basic conversational signs, how to structure a sentence and more.

Language learning is life enhancing and provides the opportunity to benefit from the social, cultural, intellectual and emotional development that will result from learning the unique and sophisticated visual-gestural language of the Australian Deaf community.

Parent Engagement

Parent engagement in education is about parents and carers, schools and communities working together to ensure that every parent can play a positive role in their child’s learning, school community, sport, and social life.

Parents and families play an important role in supporting their child’s education. Research has shown that when schools and families work together, children do better, stay in school longer, are more engaged with their schoolwork, go to school more regularly, behave better and have better social skills. Parent engagement also results in longer-term economic, social and emotional benefits.

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